Here are photos of some of the trips we have been on.

Bowron Lake Provincial Park, Canada, summer of 2004. 71 miles of canoe work and 7 miles of portage gave us one of the best experiences of out lives. We saw a lot of beautiful country and wildlife.
image image image

Green River, Utah, Summer of 2005. Traveled 45 miles in 2/12 days with little work. Gorgeous river country with a lot of red Navajo sandstone. Unfortunately, there had been rain in the high country the day before we left, and the river was not as clear as normal. Come prepared for the heat and the mosquitos. Be sure to camp on the sandbars where possible to escape the bugs.

Wind River Range, Green River Lakes, summer of 2006. Early summer trip was a good time to avoid other campers. It is a long way in on a dirt road, but we will definately do this one again.

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